Jan 13, 2016

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The Auckland Housing Market | And why its so poor

Within the past year the Auckland housing market has absolutely exploded.

With some godawful houses going for close to millions of dollars (see an example of this on Stuff by clicking here) simply because of the land that its on.

The reason for the house price increases is very simple; the amount of people working and living in Auckland has recently gone through the roof.

Auckland is now the biggest city in New Zealand (by population) as it now has over 1.3 million people living in the beautiful city.

I spoke to Vanessa Mowlem of Vanessamowlem.nz and asked her opinion on what her predictions are for the Auckland housing market in 2016.

“I think that because Auckland NZ real estate is simply going to continue to grow and grow. We have more young professionals these days that have young familys, looking to settle down in the city and start the typical kiwi lifestyle. However things won’t stay like this forever. I’m finding many of my clients are looking to settle down further out of Auckland, and willing to sacrifice the long journey to get to their jobs. I’ve seen particular interest in the Hibiscus Coast , and some even as far as Hamilton. Whilst this kind of lifestyle doesn’t work for everyone (you have to factor in the time and money element spent on travelling) if you are looking to save money on your first property, I would highly suggest you look out of Auckland.”.

Well there we go! A beautiful quote from Vanessa that gives all you young kiwis a piece of advice on where to buy your first property.

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Nov 10, 2015

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What is with all this modern design?

So recently I’ve been kinda obsessed with; “the block NZ

And it really got me thinking.

What is with this new trend of insanely modern and out there houses.

I mean just look at this one;

images (1)







Does anyone else thinks that this sticks out like a huge sore thumb?

I recently spoke to the owner of carpet brisbane company; decorug.com.au.

He said the following about this trend;

I personally think that whilst this trend may be interesting, its a bit pathetic. It comes from young home buyers wanting to “stand out ” from the rest of the crowd. However this does not always warrant suffiecient results. As I’ve always said as one of the best timber floors brisbane; whilst originality works, stick to the classics.

Great info their guys! If you wanna consult with decorug simply visit their website by clicking here!

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Sep 10, 2015

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Travelling overseas to the UK

As many of you know I have recently traveled over to the UK to see the greatest band of all time (Kraftwerk of course!) and to see my family over there.

One of the biggest challeneges I faced whilst I was over in the UK was finding a reputable Vehicle Rental UK

Many of the companies that I spoke to tried to either rip me off, sell me a terribly damaged car, or refuse to let me hire a car because I was simply too young (yes I know, crazy to think think that people are still ageist towards young people in 2015) anyways…

I finally found http://somethingchewie.co.uk/ via a friend who was actually doing some sales reps for them.

They were incredible from start to finish!

The quality of the service was impeccable, they made sure the car was in good nick, and most of all they were incredibly respectful and helpful.

Cannot recommend them enough and I would even say that they are the best Vehicle Rental UK I have ever dealt with

Check em out!

Until next time

James xx

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Jul 16, 2015

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A Warm Glow: These Safety Signs Power Themselves

A self luminous exit sign is the perfect answer to a common problem which all too often goes completely overlooked. The failure of multiple basic systems within a modern business or industrial complex is an unlikely situation, but it can happen — and as we continue to modernize the way we live and work, additional variables arise that only serve to complicate matters. Oftentimes generators, lighting, and other basic systems within a large building, plant, or compound are controlled through a centralized computer network. Should the computer go down, whether due to an accident or a deliberate digital attack, even basic systems — such as lighting — may be affected, despite otherwise available and functioning sources of electricity. Then, too, there are the traditional culprits behind a loss of power: generator failure, or a general power outage within the electrical grid.

In many buildings today, particularly within larger structures, there are long stretches of interconnecting corridors and interior rooms — areas which do not receive natural lighting at any point during the day, due to a lack of exterior windows. Should a building’s computer or electrical systems fail, anybody caught within one of these areas would be effectively blind. This would be dangerous enough given the presence of industrial machinery or other large and potentially quite dangerous devices, but it’s a serious hazard even without such considerations: consider the cause behind power outages. Fires, explosions, and even an earthquake could trigger a loss of electrical power — while simultaneously requiring that anybody stuck within a building get out, as quickly as possible, for their own safety.

You need a way for people to find their path, in accordance with pre-planned evacuation routes, to your building’s exits. Through darkened corridors, and doors which might normally see very infrequent use, visitors and staff alike need to be able to make their way outside during a potentially dangerous situation.

The Permanent Solution

The self luminous exit sign is a simple, sturdy, and easily installed option for guiding people toward — and through — the appropriate exits from your business or industrial structure, in the event of an emergency involving a loss of power and/or lighting. Depending upon the brand and type of self luminous exit sign which you choose to have installed, they may be crafted either from high-grade aluminum and stainless steel, or else manufactured from industrial-grade impact-resistant plastics and shatter-proof glass. In either case, these signs are designed to resist both environmental damage and vandalism — even deliberate tampering. More specifically, they are generally fire-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and resistant to high-powered impacts (including those involved in an explosion). This kind of durability virtually assures that your self luminous exit sign will remain intact and functioning through whatever situation has resulted in the need to evacuate people from your building.

Self luminous exit signage requires no external power source, and does not need to be connected to the electrical grid. It doesn’t require batteries, has no moving parts, and relies upon basic chemical or radiological material properties — meaning it isn’t going to simply break down or fail, any more than gravity or thermodynamics will suddenly stop working one day. You don’t need the services of an electrician to mount a self luminous exit sign, and the only maintenance it requires is a periodic spray-and-wipe to ensure that it remains clean, free of dust and other particles, and thereby easily visible.

With such basic maintenance, a self luminous exit sign can remain in operation — depending upon its style and manufacturer — for a period of time ranging from twenty years, to centuries.

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Jul 16, 2015

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Whether you run a charity, business or non-profit organizations, in case you have a website then you should have heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Some people refer to it as an art while other call it a science. However, one thing which every person in online marketing agrees is that regardless of the aim, for a website to succeed they need SEO services.

Therefore what is SEO? In simple terms SEO aims at making your website to be visible in the major search engines for popular and relevant search terms thus ensuring you receive high volumes of visitors, generating interest as well as sales

SEO service providers utilize the practices of search engine optimization so as to increase the amount of visitors to any given Web site by obtaining the high-ranking placements in search results pages of the search engines (SERP). Typically, a business shall hire an SEO service provider so as to improve its Google search result listings.
SEO services usually help in ensuring that a website is accessible to search engines and thus improves the chances that a given site shall be found and then ranked highly by search engines. SEO service providers usually offer a range of packages and options for SEO, ranging from the one-time fees for the smaller websites to monthly subscriptions for the ongoing SEO support and efforts.

Whether you need the best SEO company that suits your needs, the biggest question is how do you choose one? Expertise, experience and track records are important. However, in the end it shall come down to which SEO firm you feel most comfortable working with. At SEO Manchester we stand out from the crowds.

Being one of the leading Search Engine Optimization Companies, our company is able to select, develop and then retain the best team members to work with us. Each member must have years SEO experience and also undertake intensive SEO training programs that focus on our knowledge, methodologies and hard-won SEO experience.

In addition, they also undergo regular trainings in the latest SEO techniques, tactics and strategies by our Directors of SEO Strategy. Should you choose SEO Manchester, you shall be guaranteed high quality services.

We just love whatever we do. SEO services offer a unique balance of art and science, requiring creativity and solid technical expertise in executing the best SEO Services and SEO Packages. Every market segment, every website and every client is always different. As a result, we say, variety is always the spice of life!
At SEO Manchester we have the best Professionals to help your business to achieve increases in qualified traffic to your site.

We offer refreshingly transparent approaches to online success via sound Search Engine Optimization advice which produces measurable, dependable and quantifiable results for our clients. Here are our services:
SEO Consultants
Our Consultancy SEO service provides research, recommendations and analysis for all sites especially for the websites having difficulty with Search Engine visibility

SEO Audits
Our SEO Audits identify issues and opportunities; we examine on-page, off-page and technical elements so as to deliver SEO services for your online business success.

Website Design
We develop and design websites which put you always at the front of the pack and at the top of search engine results; websites which converts those clicks to quantifiable revenues and leads.

Link Building Services
Our Link Building Analysts develop personal relationships with websites and webmasters across several industries to maximize your citation and link profile.

SEO Strategy
Developing an SEO Strategy and then mapping those tactics to an executable plan is important for online success. You require SEO Services which can take on the competition and finally win

SEO Copywriting Services
Keyword searches shall take your target markets to your pages but engaging copy shall keep them there. Try our SEO Manchester and see how our experienced web copywriters can make a big difference.

Getting your website to rank high in search engine results isn’t the end result of good SEO but it is a first symptom of success. Great SEO is measured by the 2 things which matter most: conversions and increased traffic to your site.
Wherever you’re in the processes of building your site, a well-researched and planned SEO campaign will help you in increasing conversions and traffic. In a perfect world, your site should be built with best SEO practices in mind. However, we know that is not always possible. Do not worry because SEO Manchester is there for you! We can help no matter what stage you are in

This post is sponsored by SIMPLEX.NZ, simply the best digital marketing agency

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May 17, 2015

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Choosing a cleaning company

Everyone’s favorite question;

What cleaning company should I choose?

Its a question people often ask whether they are cleaning their home or their business.

I spoke to duct cleaning Vancouver expert James and asked for his advice in this area. This is what he had to say;

Whenever choosing a cleaning company. Its important to do research before hiring someone. You want to make sure that whoever you hire is an expert in their cleaning area. Once you have done your research, ask to meet for coffee with your cleaner, and lay out what you want done to your house or business. That way, you will build a relationship with your cleaner for a long time to come.

Thanks James! You can check our James’s website at; http://www.armanexpert.com/


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May 14, 2015

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Tips for choosing A Wedding Photographer

wedding photographers Auckland |  Auckland Wedding Photographers
Recently we have had a bunch of emails to the blog about finding the best wedding photographers Auckland. Of course this is something that is not to be taken light of. When choosing a photographer for your special day, you have to be very careful and make sure you choose the best Wedding Venues Auckland, The best caterers, the best music etc etc. However never fear! Check out this article that will teach you how to find the best Auckland wedding photographer.
START SEARCHING IMMEDIATELY So, a charge card bought engaged—Congratulations! Now start out get started marriage ceremony photographer. The actuality is, the most effective specialist professional photographers book their own daily activities per year in advance, which means that using the services of another person is among the earliest elements you need to undertake once you have set the actual date.

However, in case your programs name a great out-of-season wedding party or perhaps Sunday ceremony, presently there is an efficient possibility your chosen photography is usually available. Give oneself is usually to discover the digital photographer you have always wanted if you are owning a exclusively timed wedding.

TAP INTO YOUR NETWORK Good professional wedding photographers contain a good reputation for achievement as well as is also neighborhood celebrities. They ought to be the simplest in order to find, nonetheless i am not saying they may be the most effective regarding you. Start your quest by means of crowdsourcing recommendations coming from friends with planned marriage ceremonies within the last few very few years, and enquire an individual’s wedded close friends whenever you can webpages its photography albums. Look in order to Facebook pages together with skilled web pages with regard to samples of work, webpage posts, in addition to buyer reviews.

The alternative specialists engaged in your wedding day activities will have caused different professional photographers inside past. Ask with regard to strategies from a marriage planner, location manager, caterer, baker, flower delivery or limo driver—it’s (literally) the enterprise to have this sort of contacts.

NARROW DOWN YOUR OPTIONS Once you will have a number of the top rated solution photographers, consider a good in-depth check into their particular companies to begin with doing away with people exactly who usually are not a good fit. Determine that shooter will come across your allowance whilst your distinct needs. Consider exactly how well many people conduct in several options and environments. For example, for anyone who is organizing a beach wedding, itrrrs a good idea to locate a professional photographer who’s going to be great at open-air photography.

Think regarding the mental tone that you want ones snap shots to be able to express. Are mom and her fiancé critical along with traditional, or on earth do you have a preference for a far more light-hearted as well as playful theme? A proficient photographer can listen to your eyesight and articulate this perfectly, which means that it’s best to view tonal variance within their small sample work.

CONDUCT YOUR INTERVIEWS After constricting your current selection of wedding photographers into all-around three, produce visits to help employment interview the candidates. Likely, the particular shooter will present several marriage ceremony cds on the market to show. Make certainly you observe one or more recording connected with an total wedding, from set out to finish, preferably a thing that is similar to job your wedding day will likely be like in bodily preparing together with psychological tone. After looking at all of the sample work closely, ask to observe an additional couple of shots coming from a recent wedding. This will probably permit you to discover equally their best work through the pre-selected compact disks amazing normal everyday work. Some ways to stay in mind:

Examine the basic principles come up with pictures which include color, clarity, exposure, graininess along with composition. Determine any photographer’s style—does your lover fire photos which might be adventurous and artistic, or is he or she regular as well as ordinary? Do the guests glimpse healthy or even self-conscious? Do the images through the the emotive overall tone organically, or does complete the couple’s postures experience forced? Be guaranteed to go away the interview learning the biggest vs. common company’s photographer’s work, your ex visible style, of course , if she is going to change the woman model in your man or women taste. Her readiness to your workplace carefully having that you satisfy an individual as the client is certainly key to developing a great result, along with a professional understands that.

GAUGE THEIR PROFESSIONALISM While only a few recreational photographers are made equal, the simplest way to assurance job abandon high quality big event record could be to retain a successful skilled having a sound together with numerous qualifications of nuptial experiences out of which to draw.

During your current interview, discover how countless weddings the professional photographer provides photo above the quantity of years. He seemed to be a competent digital photographer regarding 25 years however , only undertaking marriage ceremonies in the past year. Remember, wedding and reception photos is much distinct from any other kind associated with photography; pressure is excessive as well as emotive power will not be suited for everyone. Be apt to ask if ever the photography has picture pictures wedding and reception location before. If they has, he may know best places have to discover the fantastic opportunity or simply the best way to integrate this church’s early discolored glass in the distinctively getting way.

With this kind of practical experience occurs besides the knowledge connected with ways to photos the wedding, but additionally tips on how to behave through marriage ceremony together with reception. For example, exactly how will he apparel and how will he behave all-around your wedding day social gathering in addition to guests? Beautiful photographs saving a huge smiles connected with relatives and buddies are found as necessary as the actual wide range used create new bride plus groom. And talking about which, he will probably always be with you virtually about any one within the party, after which it some—how well perform a person’s personalities mesh? Will their existence become a tool or maybe a burden? Truly, is as photographer’s attraction together with means that will put anyone happy is often as significant an art form mainly because this photography.

DISCUSS PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT Although people probably are not a specialist yourself, you need to understand what sort of video camera along with gear the photographer will likely be using. You may find that you’ll be additional unique over it compared to everyone think. For example, you will find reasons to either a digital together with movie the fact that you ought to consider. You should likewise request work plan your lover employs so that you can change the actual photos—if some sort of digital photographer claims they don’t really edit, run!

Asking regarding equipment, collecting material with your options, and also forming ideas about personal preferences displays you’re self-confident as part of your eye-sight and helps you to show the idea fully.

DETERMINE COSTS AND SIGN THE CONTRACT While you would like to reserve your wedding photographer for your date of one’s marriage immediately, you need to read on the legalised details of exactly what you’re going to get before signing the actual contract. Ensure the particular professional photographer anyone occasion may be the wedding photographer that will appear special day of course , if you should expect a second cameraperson or maybe assistant. Determine do the job portions within your wedding ceremony are going to be dealt with and in what ways many hours you will have in your photographer. Clear interaction as well as reiteration create specifics produce ceremony, the reception, along with the precise different kinds of shots you choose is certainly crucial. In all, the particular commitment is certainly ready for you to remind both you and a wedding photographer make expert services anyone arranged upon.

So we obviously recommend simple-weddings.co.nz as the best wedding photographers Auckland. Hope you guys enjoyed the article!


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